Processing of Extensions to existing home & New home Builds from consultations, construction through to a fully certified and approved project

  1. Floor plan design/ layout completed for your viewing and acceptance (cost approximately $1500), this will enable a estimation of construction costs to be complied correctly.
  2. On estimation/quotation being supplied and your acceptance we will then proceed to have the plans finalized to construction working drawings with a further cost of approximately $2,500
  3. On plans being completed we then have the Energy Efficiency consultant finalize the Energy Efficiency report which attains the correct star rating at a cost of approximately $180
  4. On plans being completed we will also activate the Geotechnical drilling/soil test and then on receiving Soil Test we pass onto the Structural Engineer for his design at the cost of approximately $1,150 with any additional costs for structural works to be explained
  5. Finalize contractual documentation
  6. On receiving all of the above mentioned item 1 to 5 we automate the Certifier to compile all of the abovementioned and attain an Approval to commence construction at a cost approximately of $2,500 this amount also includes final inspection on completion of construction and the subsequent fully approved additions to your home
  7. All costs attributed to this stage will be deducted from the final contract amount
  8. If there is any conjecture with boundary clearances, sewer lines and so forth a Town Planner would be engaged to seek these approvals (This will be evident in the site plan attached at design stage
  9. Throughout the construction the engineer will inspect all stages of work and will supply certificates approving all stages inspected this is completed at approximately $250 per inspection and your proposed extension this would entail (Apart from the final inspection by certifier) Three inspections by engineer

The above mentioned gives clarification and clarity to those wanting to extend there home and all of the above can be completed at our builders rates upon request.