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Sloping Block Builds

When building on a sloping block it is always best you deal with a builder who has experience and expertise in building sloping block construction. Abbott Builders are expert sloping block builders for Brisbane

Sloping Block Builders

The very nature of building on a sloping block means you will nearly always need to go for a custom designed floor plan. A sloping block can be very difficult to build on. Even a gentle slope can be a challenge. As a rule; the steeper your block the more complex the building will be. A house designed for a steep site will be heavily engineered. Building on a sloping block will require more materials and the home will usually be much larger than one built on a slab.

To minimize costs you should always appoint a designer that is experienced in sloping block design, we do have a quality selection of recommended designers if request. Failure to properly address the fall of your land in your design can be the difference between an affordable home and very expensive one. Building on a steep block can produce a spectacular one off individual home. It can also end up being a nightmare if the wrong team is appointed to design and build your house.

Abbott Builders are experts in building on sloping blocks. We have an selection of designs that we have built for our clients that show how to deal with different types of fall. Building on a sloping block can be expensive, so if you are looking to purchase a block please call us before you take that step, on 1300 367 245 for a free pre-purchase appraisal. It’s a decision that could save you $1,000s.

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