We answer a few commonly asked questions about the building process.

How to choose the right Builder?

There’s no “right” answer when choosing a builder, but there is a right and wrong way to make the choice.

Do your research; start with the builder’s governing body, QBCC (Queensland Building & Construction Commission) to verify builder license, as credentials for cross checking is important as you want a fully licensed and qualified builder to construct your home build or large renovation.

Experience of the builder; Builder’s experience counts, the longevity of time the builder has been in the industry, along with the location of business, forwarding recommendations, quality of workmanship in the builds completed and in construction phases.

Fixed Pricing; Price is obviously a big factor & should be a consideration, but not because it’s the highest or lowest, look for the most detailed explanation on price & consistency when comparing multiple quotes. Beware of contracts with a long list of ‘’estimate’s’$ ‘TBA’s’ to avoid a blow-out in costs, ask for a fixed price, which we offer to our clients!

How to check if a Builder is insured?

Hiring someone who is not properly insured could put you at considerable legal and financial risk.
Professional contractors will provide you with proof of liability insurances and workers compensation coverage.

We have construction and liability insurance, we are licensed builders within the QBCC and on all constructions that we undertake we pay a fee to the QBCC for further insurance security for our clients. We have a maintenance period of 6 months upon completion of works and a 6 year structural guarantee.

How long does council approval take?

You’ve got your finance in order, chosen a builder & had plans drawn up. You’re ready to start building or constructing extensive renovations, but you get stopped in your tracks. You need council approval first.

Depending on a number of factors, if all documents are in order, standard council approval is 14 days from lodgement date. We can help with non-standard approvals if required.

What are the stages of home construction?

An in office consultation to go over requirements/ budget and inclusions list, once all formulated if client has no plans, conceptual plans will be constructed & upon completion a fully costed sales estimate will be completed.

Soil test & structural engineering for slab to determine any further costs, required in a HIA preliminary agreement. Contractual documentation to be signed with a 5% deposit of contract price paid by owners for signing off documentation. We then pay QBCC/QLeave Construction Insurance & Certifiers to get underway process to approval to commence construction. Within 2 weeks of this time all colour selections in our office are to be completed with client for readiness for commencement of construction.

Every construction process is unique and depends on the scope and complexity of the project. But each time a sustainable house is built, the process follows typical steps, with the same principles similar for large renovations.

Good builders reviews Brisbane?

It’s always healthy to ask builders for their previous client reviews & testimonials.
We have a list of comprehensive reviews on our website & our clients are more than happy for a prospective client to view our construction completions.

What are the average building costs in Brisbane?

There isn’t one, you only have a budget range within which to work from.
Essentially there is so many unique variables that costs differ.

The requirement of tradespeople the cost has gone up by 8.52% in Brisbane the past year.
Brisbane has the 2nd highest renovation labour costs in Australia, in which another reason why the average building cost has been influenced on a rise.

A building cost calculator will give you a somewhat calculated understanding as to what you would be looking at paying for your specific requirements, but to have an indefinite answer to logic, would be retrieving a fully costed & completed quotation by a builder.

All is based upon the type of property, standard of finish and the gross floor area or in units and townhouses the quantity of units required.

How long does it take to build a house?

1.) Site testing & Earthworks, site soil testing, site levelling and clearing ready for construction.
Slab.stage, measuring out the design on site. Digging, setup and pouring of footings. Under slab drainage, moisture barrier and termi mesh put in place followed by completion of foundation slab.

2.) Frame Stage, construction of external & internal walls with reinforcing steel and conduit for electrical wiring and pipes for plumbing. Installation of roof frame, fascia and gutters, insulation, roof sheeting & trims.

3.) Lock-Up Stage, includes installation of pipes, wiring, plasterboard to internal walls is erected, the sheeting of gables, eaves, porch and patio ceilings completed, external walls rendered and the external doors, sliding glass doors and windows are installed.

4.) Pre-Paint Stage, includes plastering plasterboard joints, installing cornice, waterproofing, laying tiles, installation of cabinetry, skirting, architraves, doors, jambs, reveals, shelving, box air-conditioners & pouring of driveways/paths.

5.) Practical Completion, Includes all painting, fencing, landscaping, turf and irrigation. Installation of floor coverings, glass, doors, screens, clothes line, letter box and all fittings. Site then cleared of waste and a final inspection, house clean and detail are completed before handover.

Compare builders quotes

Or as they say, comparing “Apples with Apples’’

Building a home can be a confusing and conflicting time, so how do you actually know what you are really getting when reviewing your builder quotes? How do you ensure you are comparing “Apples with Apples’’?

We certainly don’t like nasty surprises so we provide our clients with very detailed quotes and plans.

We even provide documents explaining the meaning of the words used in our detailed quotes along with images of what we have quoted to include in your home.

We include specific details of PC Allowances for kitchens, bathrooms and laundry areas;

Builders don’t intentionally set out to deceive people, at least we certainly hope they don’t, but without ALL of the details that relate to the build and inclusions in your home, you cannot accurately compare building quotes for your new home.

A lack of detail often leads to extra charges or nasty surprises, and too often we hear that people chose a ‘’cheaper’’ quote, but didn’t compare the finer details and ended up paying a lot more than thought to achieve their ideal result.

Even if you do have all the information for comparison. You certainly cannot judge the workmanship of the tradesmen, quality of fittings, or the ability of the builder to actually build the home right, on time and keep their promises by looking at a quote.

What’s the difference in a Project build to a Customized home build?

An informed decision is what is required before you proceed with a choice between a custom built home and a project built home.

A custom home design, you are assured of the genuine cost indication of final house price.

If your land is on sloping block of greater than 4,3 & 2 metres of cross fall, a custom home design would suite this specific.

Retaining full copyright on plans, customization to plan along with an unique one off home, the ability to have suspended floor options, project management on all from start to finish.

The builder’s ability to manage all council town planning issues as well as organise and manage demolition/knock-downs & tree clearings.

We do both Project Builds and Custom Home Builds here at Abbott Builders (Qld), but there are major benefits that custom design offers over project builds. You retain full copyright on all designs and plans created for you. Creation of a unique custom home, one-off, as you can make changes during construction.

A custom home build gives you the freedom of less stress, the builder manages the entire project from start to finish including demolition (if needed), town planning, council issues, submission of plans for building approvals, construction, landscaping, fencing and pools.

We like to tell it how it is here at Abbott Builders…