Meet the team at Abbott Builders

Wayne - Abbott Builders

Wayne Abbott


Wayne has over 39 years’ experience as a Medium Rise Builder & has acquired his knowledge and people skills throughout the years. He is reputable and has owned two other building companies called Vision Developments and Abpat Constructions, his clear cut time frames, personalized services and direct client communication has set him aside from other builders in today’s era.

Dane - Abbott Builders

Dane Abbott

Onsite Management

Dane Abbott is part of the management team consistently fields onsite to manage and sustain our quality to uphold our reputation with our clients and sub-contractors. He is becoming well versed in the industry on workmanship, quality and safety procedures in the work place. Consistently utilizing his communication skills with clients and the staffing team.

Raquel Abbott

Marketing, Sales & Advertising Director

Raquel’s role within the company is Marketing, Advertising & Sales, which incorporates creating affiliations and networking along with client lead generation, online marketing sales, sales & business development within the company. With her directive, open communications and imaginative relations she has set out to make this company an priority into the future of  the family business.





Ron - Abbott Builders

Ron Paterson

Builder/On-Site Supervisor

Ron has been working with Abbott Builders for many years now and will continue to do so into the future, his dedication to the company and to it’s clients has been of great sustainability. He does costing to completion on our quotes and makes sure that all stock amounts required are sufficient and adequate to the builds expectations, wiith his experience as a Medium Rise Builder, there isn’t much he can’t handle or hasn’t done before.

Hannah - Abbott Builders

Hannah Ratcliffe


Hannah is in administration & sends new build plans off for quoting to adhere to the time requirements and constraints. Hannah has very good customer relations and assists builders with orders and supplier Liaoning.

Ruby - Abbott Builders

Ruby Irwin


Ruby is the accounts receivable for all client payments. She has very good time management and people skills. Her efficiency in ordering of supplies and materials to site for timing of schedule applications are right on the mark. Ruby also supplies schedules to trades for jobs to be co-ordinating efficiently to completion phase. Ruby constructs our new client specification documents outlining their inclusions/options and what is being applied to their construction.

Kailee Thompson


Kaili is our receptionist, she organises appointments for staffing bodies, she has very good customer relations and is hospitable & present upon arrival of our clients and sub-contractors to our office


Karl Bell

Onsite Supervisor

Karl is one of our onsite supervisors that manage the sub-contractors onsite to ensure all runs smoothly for our clients. Karl also deals with our clients when they want to view their builds under construction and to discuss any concerns or questions they may have with their project.


Tyra - Abbott Builders


Resident Furball

Tyra is our resident fur ball at our office in North Lakes, she loves having our clients in for a visit and a pat, she also likes seeing their doggies in for a visit!



Resident Fur-baby

Gracie is our new additional fur baby resident to our office, she loves children and most of all loves cuddles!